Beetroot Halwa


    Beetroot - 2 cup (cubed)
    Sugar -1/2 cup (adjust with your taste)
    Milk - 500ml
    Cardamom powder -pinch (optional)
    Cashew nuts - as you wish
    Dry grapes-5-10
    Ghee - 1/4 cup
    Almonds- 5-6 (optional)

Steps for Beetroot Halwa

Wash and peel the skin of beetroot and locomote cubes.

Boil milk with a medium flame till it reduced into half its initial volume. Once it cooked add cubed beetroots.

still cook underneath a coffee flame till it gets sleek cook. (Often stir)

Once it cooked, keep it aside to cool down. Then grind into a sleek paste.

Heat clarified butter during a bottom-weighted vessel with medium flame once hot fry cashew haywire and dry grapes then keep it aside.

currently pour the beetroot mix with a pinch of cardamom to constant clarified butter and permit change of state till it gets separated from clarified butter. (often stir the mix)

Finally, garnish with deep-fried cashew and dry grapes.

That’s it your colourful and healthy beetroot halwa is prepared to serve. you'll get pleasure from this with no dance orchestra but it goes well with bread and flatbread.

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