Greeny Veg Nuggets


    boiled chick peas   2 cups
    potato 1 boiled
    carrot  medium 2
    cabbage  1/4
    onion 1 small
    garlic cloves 3
    ginger  1 inch piece
    green chilies 2-3
    fresh spinach leaves  200 gm
    fresh coriander chopped  3 tbsp
    big  bread slices  5
    salt  2 tsp
    soy sauce  4 tbsp
    garam masla powder  1 tsp
    black pepper powder  1 tsp
    MSG/Chinese salt 1 tbsp

for coating

    plain flour as required for first coating
    plain flour  7 tbsp
    salt 1/4 tsp
    black pepper  1/4 tsp
    bread crumbs


1.wash all vegetables, dry them with towel. Chop all vegetables one by one in chopper. chop chick peas in chopper, chop bread slices in chopper, mash stewed potato with hands, don't chop it. combine of these during a bowl.
2. add salt, MSG, soy sauce, black pepper, garam masla. combine of these ingredients in vegetables.
3. create sq. shapes from this mixture, otherwise you will create any form you prefer.
4. beat seven tbsp flour with 1/4 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper and water. create a skinny higher.
First coat nuggets with dry flour.
Second coat with this wet flour mixture.
Third coat with bread crumbs.
keep them in icebox for [*fr1] hour then fry them, or freeze them and use once ever you wish to.
5. fry them in hot oil till golden brown.
serve hot.

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