Veggie Pancakes

Veggie Pancakes


    1 cup grated cauliflower about half a cauliflower, grated by hand, or one cup cauliflower rice...I put mine through the food processor because I like it fine
    1 egg
    Optional: replace the cauliflower or mix it with any veggie you like! I have used zucchini bell peppers, and carrots.


  • preparation your veggies. If you are exploitation cauliflower, grate [*fr1] a head of cauliflower together with your cheese kitchen utensil. i will be able to generally use cauliflower rice (buy it within the cold or frozen section of your market...I get mine at Costco). i believe the cauliflower rice could be a bit chunky, therefore I run it through a kitchen appliance initial. Sometimes, i am going to do an enormous batch and so reserve it within the icebox till i am able to use it.
  • combine the cauliflower in a very bowl with one egg.
  • Spray a pan with change of state spray (or use vegetable oil...the choice is yours!).
  • Let the pan heat up and so drop the cauliflower and egg mixture into the pan. This makes 2 "pancakes" - type them into circles together with your spatula.
  • Cook for a couple of minutes (you'll apprehend it's able to flip after you will devour a footing with the spatula and see that the lowest has browned). Flip and cook on the opposite facet.
  • Serve with a dish.

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